IKK BB Berlin Company Run – We’re back!

There was long trembling, anxiety and repeated rescheduling. In the end, however, it was clear: The IKK BB Berlin company run could take place again after a year of forced Corona break! 4,300 active participants were registered for the event on September 15, 2021 to go on inline skates, with a handbike or in running shoes on the 5.5 km long route. The mood was exuberant, and the weather couldn’t change that much either. You could tell from all the people on site that they were happy to be there again.

The organizers of the SCTF Veranstaltungs-gGmbH were of course happy that their largest event could be held again after a year of failure. “We missed seeing the many happy people and being able to offer them something nice after a long time without events,” said Ronny Mewis, managing director of the gGmbH. Mewis also explicitly thanked the Brandenburg and Berlin Guild Health Insurance Fund (IKK BB), the main partner of the run, for their support even during the difficult times, but also the partner ALDI, who despite its own rejection of this year’s run, provided catering for the finish line Participant sponsored.

The company with the most participants this year was Mercedes Benz (SG Stern), but of course everyone was welcome – from individual starters and small businesses to medium-sized companies to large companies.

The organizers are very pleased to be able to welcome many participants again next year to the 20th IKK BB Berlin company run.

All other events of the organizer from North Berlin can be found here: www.sctf-events.de

Veröffentlicht am: 17.03.22