That was the 20th IKK BB Berlin Company Run – Anniversary Edition

After the company run in 2021 was still characterized by safety checks, mandatory masks and proof of testing or vaccination, a calmer and more relaxed pandemic has been recorded since then. Since then, not only everyday life returned bit by bit, but also the little things that gave everyday life its special charm, such as the daily meeting of colleagues or friends. Unfortunately, the time we spent together was far too short in the past months, which is why the joy of the 20th IKK BB Berlin Company Run was all the greater for us, the organizer, SC TF Veranstaltungs-gGmbH, the hard-working helpers, and also for you as participants. Precisely because the ulterior motive Covid-19 no longer determined the course of the event.

After 4,300 participants dared to run the 5.5km course through the Tiergarten at the 19th Berlin Company Run, we can now report a proud registration figure of around 12,000 participants, which is a truly fantastic result!

In order not to accept wordlessly the recent events and the resulting war in the started calendar year, we have already decided in the run-up to the 20th IKK BB Berlin company run in the context of peace. The aim was and is to convey the clear message “We condemn the war in Ukraine, as well as any further armed conflict in the world”. The fact is that it is mainly the children who suffer the most from such acts of violence.
Therefore the SCTF Veranstaltungs-gGmbH donates 0,25€ per finisher for every completed kilometer. To round off the final total, we will round the amount to the nearest thousand. Now we are very proud to be able to donate a sum of 11.000€ for the foundation RTL – Wir helfen Kindern e.V.. In order to continue to support the people who are in the immediate vicinity, another proud 2,200€ in donations can be presented, which will benefit the Sonnenhof – a hospice for children, adolescents and young adults of the Björn Schulz Foundation. The SC tegeler Forst e.V. and the gGmbH say a big THANK YOU for being there and contributing your part to these fantastic amounts.

Even before the start, the euphoria was huge and the team spirit was palpable after so long in the home office and the forced distance. Shortly after 7:00 p.m. the first starting signal was given to all skaters, before the handbikers, wheelchair-, skate-, longboard- or unicyclists were let loose on the track shortly afterwards. After the approximately 9,450 runners had started in three waves, the walkers were finally allowed to pick up the pace.
The atmosphere before the start, during the run and also in the finish area was lively, rousing and exuberant. Everywhere you could feel the joy of being together. The weather god also fulfilled his duty and rounded off the running event perfectly with bright sunshine and summery 26 degrees.
To make the 20th anniversary unforgettable, the cheerleaders of the TITANS Berlin and various music bands were also present on the course for the first time at the Berlin company run to provide motivation and stamina once again at the right moments. However, the highlight of every finisher was the golden jubilee medal on the occasion of the 20th anniversary, which will continue to provide fond memories, gratitude and feelings of happiness in the future.

The gGmbH was very happy that its biggest event could be held again in the meantime in the “usual” framework and completely in the sense of the team event. Among the participants there were many “old” faces, but for many companies and teams it was the first participation and we hope to welcome you again next year. The company with the most participants this year was Mercedes Benz (SG Stern), but of course everyone was welcome – from individual starters and micro-enterprises to medium-sized companies and large corporations.

We sincerely thank the TITANS for their support and commitment! They would like to explicitly thank once again the Brandenburg and Berlin Guild Health Insurance Fund (IKK BB), the main partner, for supporting the Berlin company run and promoting mass sports at SC Tegeler Forst e.V. even during the difficult times, but also the partners ALDI and ERDINGER Alkoholfrei, who also sponsored the finish catering for the participants at this year’s run.

The SC Tegeler Forst e.V. and the gGmbH are very much looking forward to welcoming many participants again next year at the 21st IKK BB Berlin Company Run.

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Published On: 07.07.22