Great atmosphere at the Summer Kids Cup on June 11th in the Finsterwalder Str stadium.

With the high number of entries of a total of 41 teams in the age groups U8 to U12, we were sweating from time to time during the planning. Thanks to the great commitment of the entire Teske family , the SCTF gGmbH and the incredible voluntary work of club members, their parents, grandparents and siblings, it was an all-round successful event!

Numerous food donations and thanks to the Hinze family and friends at the grill and at the sale, we also had a lot to offer in culinary terms and were able to take good care of the young athletes, trainers and families present.

Our partner, the IKK Brandenburg Berlin , was also there with a stand.

We were at the start with a total of 9 teams at “our” Kids Cup. 6 teams made up of children from VFB-Hermsdorf and SC Tegeler Forst and 3 teams from BSC Rehberge. The naming of the 91 LG-Nord-Kids would go beyond the scope. Therefore, only the teams are mentioned here.

The “fast ladybugs” and the “nimble strawberries” started for the youngest of the U8 age group. Our training paid off and the teams came in 4th and 8th out of 10 teams and were very happy.

In the U10 we were represented with 3 “mixed teams” and 2 “pure Rehberge teams”. What can be seen, however, is that it is more fun in large teams and better results are also achieved. Even well-rehearsed teams are more likely to get top positions. The “nimble red foxes” team consisted exclusively of children from the Monday training group. Practiced relay changes and lots of fun among friends led to an excellent 5th place out of 16 teams. The “red devils” took place ? and the “red cougars” 14th place.

The disappointment of the under-12s from our teams “Red Giant Kangaroos” and “Red Pandas” was obvious. If my memory doesn’t deceive me, the Rehberger “green deer” got the best place. The results will be published promptly at .

Our media partner Capital Sports TV captured the whole thing in moving pictures. For the corresponding video, click here .

Congratulations to all children on their achievements in our Kids Cup!

And a big thank you to all coaches, parents and siblings from all LG clubs for looking after the 9 teams!

Published On: 13.06.22